Hello Addicts! Welcome to Glitter Fetish! If you clicked “About Us” then here are the details. My name is Karen and I hope to be your newest glitter pusher here to feed your addiction. Glitter Fetish is located in Garner, North Carolina just outside of Raleigh. I’ve always been a crafty person and have been making various things for years and doing craft shows, however I wanted something that would allow me to stay home on my farm and take care of all my animals. I originally toyed with the idea of becoming a tumbler maker because it is fun, however I decided that my true passion lay in creating custom blends of glitter for all of the other very talented tumbler makers and resin artists out there. My goal is to offer high quality custom glitters beyond what you can find at the big box stores, Our glitters are sourced in the USA and overseas and always sold by weight.

Karen Holliday
CEO / Founder

Loves everything Glitter.